Annoyed with myself.

I’ve not had the best of luck with technology these last few weeks.

My PC and I seem to be at ends with each other. It wasn’t syncing with my mobile app that I use to write on the run, I’d make updates to my website and they wouldn’t happen, my virus protection stopped working. After trying endlessly to fix this issue, Windows finally came out with an update which made it all better. My website finally updated, my antivirus is working, and my mobile app finally synced to the web app. Except it didn’t.

While my writing app seemed to have synced, because the newer chapters I’d written finally showed up, it seemed to take issue with one chapter and refused to sync the updated content. Now, this shouldn’t have been a problem, the app I use has a trash file and history file so you can back track at anytime. However, for some reason, the action scene I’d written disappeared entirely. I spent forty-eight hours corresponding with the support service for the app trying to get the content back, but alas, they were just as baffled with its disappearance as I was.

Well darn! Knowing what happened in the chapter is one thing, but there was some relevant plot conversation that happened and I can’t quite remember how it went. Now I’ll have to try and rewrite it all. Will this impact you, my faithful readers? No. This story isn’t one of the weekly serials I share on Wattpad or Writeon, and it is years away from being published with the current backlog. Still, it’s frustrating for me.



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