Fighting with the Muse

Anyone who has been following me knows I refer to my creative mind as my muse. I regularly claim that my muse had ADHD because getting her to stick to the same story for a period of time takes effort. I am usually bouncing between four stories at any one time. Strangely, this doesn’t muddle them all up in my head.

I keep a Trello board for my stories and currently I have in excess of twenty five stories I’m working on. Some, I haven’t touched in months, most of them you don’t even know about. At least three are sequels, but not for anything I’ve actually published (unless you voted for Dioltas on the Inkitt Grand Novel Contest). 

I’m struggling this month, which is bizarre because winter is unduly my biggest writing season. However, this year it’s just not working for me. I’ve reached road blocks on nearly all my stories and I hate it. When it gets to the point where I’m staring at the screen with no idea how I’m going to join scene A to B, I get frustrated and give up. It’s about this time that I catch up on all those television shows I’ve missed while writing. 

So that is where I am. Plenty of story ideas, plenty of stories only a handful of chapters away from completion, or still trying to get a gist of what it will be about, but no productivity to show for it. Very annoying.

Sorry to my readers on Wattpad or Writeon who are waiting for me to get a move on. It will happen, and when it does I’ll write like a woman possessed. Until then, maybe I should focus on editing and tidying up some of my stories for publishing.



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