The Creative Process

When I start writing, it’s usually based on a dream, or segments of dreams. I dream rather vividly, like being trapped in a movie. I dream when I fall asleep and then again when I wake up. Sometimes this is the same dream because sleeping for hours on end isn’t something I do unless I’m beyond exhausted.

Sometimes, while I’m waiting for the story to initially settle itself in my head, I create mock book covers for them. Sometimes they match the story, other times I need to redo the cover later. Here is a quick glimpse of the covers I’ve made recently for WIPs. 

As you can see, very varied, and that’s because the genres I write in can be varied. The majority will always be romance, but I write fantasy, paranormal, and sometimes, just plain old boy meets girl and stuff happens romance. 

If you are curious about my writing and want to trial before you buy, I write raw on Wattpad. This is unedited, straight from my mind writing, so be ready for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors up the wahzoo. Otherwise, go buy one of my ebooks, they are reasonably priced. 

Either way, I’m always keen for feedback, good or bad. Just keep it about the writing. You can’t judge a book by the cover, and you can’t judge an author by the book. It’s called fiction for a reason.



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