Marriage and Other Interesting Events.

I haven’t written in nearly a week. I was busy putting the final preparations in for the wedding. My wedding. My very last wedding. Because as much as I love getting together with my friends, the amount of energy you expend preparing for such an event is ridiculous. I literally fell into bed the night after the wedding and slept eight hours straight. I never sleep more than six, four is more typical.

However, the day was great. I was surrounded with my closest friends, and nearly everything went without a hitch. I made my own bouquet, because I wanted something that suited me and could be a keepsake, and it looked great.

My Origami Bouquet

I have an amazing man who loves me for being me, who can accept that I don’t speak to him for days on end because I’m lost in the story in my head, and has been a rock for me when destructive people tried to tear me down. I consider myself one of the luckiest women in the world to have one of the few true remaining old style gentlemen in my life.
Leaving the chapel

Now, that’s done with, time to get back to writing.



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