Procrastinating out of Morals

I’m in the middle of writing a violent sex scene. These are always problematic for me and I find myself arguing about writing these sort of scenes. Morally, and personally, I am opposed to violence against women. I find any man who would hurt a woman physically or psychologically abhorrent. 

After growing up in a DV household, I was determined to never let a man abuse me again. The thing I learned first hand, is that men don’t start hitting you and abusing you on the first date. I a,ways wondered how women ended up in DV situations, and stayed in them. Why would you stay with a man who treats you badly? Flash forward ten years to 2006, and I found myself in exactly that situation, and it took me more time than I care to admit to finally be free of it.

So when I start writing these sort of scenes I argue with myself. Is my writing this a contradiction to my personal beliefs and feelings. If a guy treated me like this, would I put up with it? Hell no! So why do I write it? 

These are the type of books I write. The two published are pretty mild when it comes to my writing. They are romances, pure and simple. I like to write strong females, and yet, violence, especially sexual violence are common themes in my books. So I find myself wondering, what does this say about me? And then I thought, probably that writing is, and always has been, my therapy.

So, while I procrastinate, I work on book covers for the new stories I’ve started. These are my new additions this week.

There is quite a variety in stories there. Vampires, werewolves, witches, serial killers, demon spawn, dark elves (based on Swedish mythology), and adult romance, and a new teenage story. It’s very crowded in my head these days.



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