Scheduling the Muse

My writing has been all over the place the last six months. With a new job and wedding preparations, my schedule went out the window and my prolific writing became errant and disorganised. I can’t tell you how many new stories the muse started in the last few months, when all I’ve really wanted to do is finish the ones I was already working on.

Now that things are finally calm again (except I still haven’t done thank you cards -whoops, should schedule that for this weekend), I want to get the muse back on task. For me, that means let’s get organised and set aside devoted times to the books I want to finish. So below is my writing schedule.

My writing schedule – minus the High tea,mthat was a real life event.

Now, for those of you following me on Wattpad or Writeon, if I get my chapters written on the selected day,mth at means you get to see it the following day. (I need to sleep on it and reread the following day usually). So you will get:

  • Halos Monday
  • Boundary every second Thursday
  • Buried and Forgotten on Fridays
  • Shard on Saturdays

Beauty and Rage hasn’t been shared yet, and may not end up on the free platforms. I’m thinking of making it a Paetron only release, that readers pay 50cents a chapter for. Sort of like Radish, but since I haven’t been invited to Radish (because they only have authors with a sizeable following on Wattpad and I’m nowhere near that level) but with Paetron instead. Anyway, that’s something for me to consider for later.

I do love Wattpad, though, I’m loving the ability to get feedback from readers on rough drafts. It’s made me a better writer, I have to admit, but I’m aware I still have a long way to go. So I’m still going to be posting there for a while.

That’s where the schedule comes in handy. So far, this week, the muse has played along, and we’ve written a new chapter every day on the specified project. I’ve told the muse that she can have free play when she finishes the designated chapter for the day. 

Having said this, I’m not going to promise chapters every week. Life still happens, and eventually, the new husband will demand to have some attention. So my aim is to at least work on each story on its set days. If that means I only get two paragraphs written, so be it, but at least I tried. 

Have you all been over to inkitt to read Spectra? You have till Monday 28th August to read and comment. It could be my next story published, with your help. 



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