Wrapping it Up.

If you follow me on Wattpad, you would know that I’m currently writing the last few chapters to two different books. This is after finishing Boundary a week ago. I’m also writing the final chapters to another book I’ve been writing in the background. So, very likely, in the next month, I will have successfully finished another four first drafts. That is on top of the three I finished in the first half of the year.

This presents a problem for me. No, it isn’t what to do next, my loyal followers are aware that my current project list numbers 37 projects. That is not including completed works, or in one case, the fact that is book four in a series which I’ve already written half of book five, six, and a few chapters of seven. Yes, I’m a prolific writer. The down side to that, is I rarely have time to edit. (I need to find a good editor who takes payments in Oreo truffle balls, scones, and other baked goods.)

Ending a book is hard for me. Not because of book hangover – though, yes, I get that too – but because the final scenes are always playing in my head like a movie, and trying to capture it all in words and make it make sense on the page requires a lot of energy, patience, and chopping and changing. Then there is also the issue that because I don’t exactly plot my books – I have the start, a few scenes, and a general idea where it will end – but not necessarily the exact details. 
Take Halos for instance. We are quickly approaching the final climax of the story, but I can’t tell you if one of Kat’s zápalka will die, if they both live, or if her current condition means that one will claim her outright. 

In Beauty and Rage, the final climatic scene is done, and I could have quite happily ended the book right there. However, I know my readers, they like their happy endings, and as my beta reader advised. 

“Doesn’t have to end with a wedding and a baby,mouth give us another chapter of hot sex and we will be happy.”

That makes the ending a little harder for me. Soppy, romantic, HEA endings aren’t my thing. They are difficult for me to write. It also wouldn’t fit. Anique still has a lot of issues, grief and anger. I need to acknowledge that, while helping her move passed it to begin her new life and let love into her life. So, currently, finishing those last two chapters is like pulling teeth.

Buried and Forgotten is probably five or six chapters from completion. I’m confused here. I thought I knew who the villain was, but tonight, the Muse changed her mind. It is not who I thought. It is not why I thought. It was an utter surprise, but when I think about it, the idea was there right back in the first few chapters, it just didn’t connect in with this ending, because I didn’t know how it was going to end, until now. 

As you can see, lots of angst and issues my characters are trying to subdue in order to find their way forward with their soul mate. That’s a lot of emotional energy from me to make it happen. No wonder I’m tired all the time.

If you want to understand what I’ve just been talking about, you can check out my work on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/uZU1l2ocdv. You can also find one of my books on Inkitt, who have developed a new way of choosing who to publish based on the reader’s engagement. https://www.inkitt.com/stories/fantasy/75705?ref=v_783010a1-23a9-44a4-a915-17efd3c45291. So by reading my book and reviewing it at the end, you assist my chances of scoring a publishing deal.

Okay, back to writing. 

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