I’m only a handful of chapters from completing this story. I will be so happy to see this book finished as it’s been one of my longest novels. I started writing Halos about 6 years ago. It started as a short story instigated by a writing prompt. I came back to it months later and started telling the rest of the story.

Like Best Man, Halos started as a posting on my old website. I took it down in 2013 when I realised I was actually going to start publishing my writing. When I started on Wattpad in late 2015, it seemed one of the obvious choices for posting. That also makes it one of the longest running stories of mine on Wattpad too. In fact, I started posting Halos and Shard on the same date 4th November 2015. While I’ve finished several other books on Wattpad and behind the scenes in that time, my first on Wattpad are still going. Something I plan to remedy in the next few months.

It will be so amazing to finish this, but I will definitely miss the characters, especially Casimir. 😉

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