Comtesse is my newest story on wattpad it is my first historical romance.

Blurb: Nea D’launaie should have had a simple life. She was a comtesse of the blood, and the Dauphin’s childhood sweet heart. Her future was set as the future princess of France. However, her older sister’s jealous machinations stole that all away. When sending her to a convent wasn’t enough, her sister tried to ruin her. Finding a patron willing to protect and utilise her abilities was all that stood between her and death.
Four years later, Nea has returned to France to watch the man she once loved be crowned King. It’s time for a little payback, that is, if her sister doesn’t ruin her first, or the king for that matter. http://my.w.tt/UiNb/urMWwBD8FA

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