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You win some, you lose some.

617beff20e2346e768417748aab07062--goal-setting-quotes-goal-quotesAs most of you who follow me on social media would know I took part in NaNoWriMo again this year. On top of the 50k word goal, I gave myself two personal goals.

  1. Finish Exodus: Book 4 of the Hierarch Series. approximately 26K.
  2. Start Wraith: Book 2 Angelis Series. 25K

I won Nano, reaching my fifty thousand words with days to spare.

I reached my first goal and finished Exodus writing over thirty-two thousand words.

I didn’t finish my second goal. I only achieved just over seventeen thousand words for Wraith. To me, that effort was pathetic, but at least the book got started. Now I need to keep going with it.

I’ve set myself some new goals for December.

  1. Write a chapter per week for Wraith
  2. Write a new chapter for Comtesse
  3. Write a new chapter for Cyra
  4. Finish Holmes – (I can see myself up late on NYE to get this one over the line)
  5. Edit Cassidy
  6. And bonus goal – write a new chapter for Shard

Let’s hope I can cross most of these off.

Encouragement is welcome. Leave a comment below to help remind the muse you guys want to see those chapters.

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