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The Slow Brew of a Story

So, I started a chapter last week that didn’t get finished. Connectors between scenes quite honestly are the most significant cause of writer’s block for me. The Muse will show me a scene, but not how we are going to get there smoothly. At this point, I quite regularly turn the story boiler down and let the scene simmer. That’s what I’ve done for the last week, and while there are holes still to be filled getting to the end, I have enough to get this chapter finished.

Unfortunately, physically, I am not so ready to finish the chapter.

There are two poems I learnt off by heart as a child which are very poignant in my life, and this week an lesson from each is ringing in my head.

Even the best-laid plans can fall in mid-flight – Comes the Dawn


Remember what peace there may be in silence – Desiderata

I started this month with concrete ideas of what I would achieve and accomplish. A week in, I’ve managed nothing as yet. My week got swept away from me last week with vet visits, extra rehearsals for the Pyx’s end of year concert, school holiday workshops, and the business side of being an author, plus the Slow brewing. The weekend was a write-off.

Now, it’s Monday of week two. It’s already nearly lunch time and my weekend guests have all finally disembarked. Silence has regained control of my house, and I want to write. The problem is, after seven days straight of human interaction, my energy bank is spent. I just want to curl up and watch television or go to sleep.

Wait! Can I do that? I have goals to reach. Do I have the time to give into my nature and hide away from reality for the afternoon? Sometimes I don’t have the choice. As my adrenaline levels and blood pressure drops, I struggle to stay conscious. I’ve nearly passed out twice trying to finish this post.

I am not giving up on my goals, but sometimes, I have to give in to my needs. I am socialised out of energy. I need to turn off and charge up again; then I will be able to finish this chapter, which in itself, is very social.

Powering off



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