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Grand Plans and then Life…

So I had all these plans for writing.

I wrote achievable writing goals, targets for editing, set up beta reading schedules. I was determined. And, for the most part, I was making progress. Then, there was a restructure at work. My role changed, and I returned to full-time employment.

I had December off and planned to get a lot of writing done. I stressed about going back to work and not having time to write, that I disabled myself from writing. It’s like fretting about your sexual performance to the point where you can’t perform. I couldn’t write.

Not one for wasting time, I figured if I couldn’t write, I’d edit, and do some reading, and hopefully, one or both of those will inspire me to write. Except, I was still highly stressed. I’d write a few paragraphs, then my ADHD would kick in, and that would be it.

I went back to work three weeks ago, fulltime, and I’ve not written anything since. By the time I get home from work, I don’t have the patience or focus on writing currently, so I’m stalled completely. Hopefully, this will pass soon.

On a positive note. I’d made myself the goal of finishing Holmes by the end of 2017. I managed this. I was still up writing the Epilogue as the New Year rolled in, but I finished Holmes, and thus, the Hotel Series. I’ve been posting the third book on Radish Fiction, so you can check it out if you are interested.

Check out “Holmes” on Radish via @radish_fiction

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