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Epilogues are the worst!

Every writer has an area of writing that they find hard. Mine used to be action scenes. When I first wrote Succumb, Numinous, and Masked, I skirted around the action scenes, finishing every other chapter first, then returned later to drag myself through the fight scenes. At some point, fight scenes became my thing. I love writing them now. I just have to wait till I can see all the choreography, then it flows onto the page.

The fourth book in the Hierarchy Series, suffered a different fate. I wrote every chapter except the slow / background chapters. What I affectionately refer to as the boring stuff. You need it because it’s setting a scene further down the track, or it’s there to balance the pace, but it doesn’t actually have much happening in it, and to me, they seem to drag. Anyone who has read my books knows I prefer fast paced books, and the boring stuff seems to slow my books down. So, I started avoiding writing that. The bonus was, when I finally came back to finish those scenes in Exodus, the changes I made at the beginning of the book, removed the need for those ‘boring’ chapters.

However, back then, I didn’t write epilogues. I really only started writing epilogues after readers started demanding them. Yes, demanding. So, eager to please as I am (don’t choke laughing) I began giving my readers those wrap up chapters. These must be the hardest scenes to write. In romances at least. You see, this is where I need to pull all the lovey dovey, happy ever after stuff out to play. The Muse and I are not so good at lovey dovey HEA’s. In fact, the muse frequently tries to kill off one of the love interests in the last chapter just to avoid writing the epilogue. At least, that’s my theory on why she does it.

So, if you are reading one of my books and you get to the epilogue and think, Really? Now you know why. If you think the epilogue was great know that it was written with bloody fingers from my constant battles with the Muse to keep the main characters alive. This should explain why I groan whenever a reader asks about an epilogue, or potential sequel.

Now, back to that Best Man Epilogue.

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