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Best Man Epilogue

Five years after I published Best Man, the epilogue is finally written and will premiere this Friday, 11th May 2018, on Radish.

A few things to know:

  1. The epilogue is two to three times the length of nearly every other chapter in the book – mainly because of the tie in with the rest of the Hotel Series.
  2. Sean Cassidy features in the epilogue
  3. The epilogue takes place over the three weeks after Jess returns to Hawaii
  4. It coincides with the end of Cassidy, Book two of the Hotel Series.
  5. I still have no idea when Book five will be ready.
  6. Book five and the continuation of Jess’s story will be called Best Layover.

I hope you all enjoy the Epilogue, and if you are a new reader of the Hotel Series, I hope you have all been enjoying the series so far.

Check out Best Man on Radish

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