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OSAL is finally complete

After months of editing, rewriting, and adding new chapters, Of Shadow and Light is finally complete on Radish. The last episode will go live at 6pm Thursday 6th September 2018 AEST.

Here are Nine facts you might want to know.

    The first draft of OSAL (Previously known as Buried and Forgotten) had 39 chapters
    The Radish version has 48 chapters. That’s 9 new chapters of content added to the story, and they are great chapters
    The ending has changed. Not so much where it ends as how they get there, and I’ve added in a lot more explanations to help people see links
    The Sluagh have really interesting anatomy. The term rattlesnake will forever make me think about Tynan
    This was by far the weirdest sex scenes I’ve written so far
    I think that last one was a challenge to the Muse. Quick, press delete
    The Muse really wanted Mess to play meat in a Tynan and Esha sandwich. The fight that ensued was diabolical. Blood was spilt. In the end, I stood victorious and we negotiated on how else she could get Esha in bed
    This entire story was caused by listening to Sick Puppies while I slept. Check out The Bottom for the song that inspired the idea
    I’m really going to miss this world. I might have to come visit it again in the future

If you read the Radish version, I’d love to hear what you thought.



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