Writing Updates

A New Year, A New Road

As 2019 dawned, there was change on the horizon. A two-year-long partnership with my publishers, Inkitt GMBH was drawing to an end. With little warning at the end of last year, Inkitt announced to its existing authors that it was pursuing Immersive Reading in the form of their new app Gattea, and leaving traditional publishing behind. While I am a huge fan of evolution, this was not a direction I was willing to travel.

As a result, you may notice the books of mine that Inkitt published will disappear from Amazon over the next week. Do not fret, I have the rights to all my books back and I will be publishing them again over 2019. You may even see some new books sneak into the releases.

My only disappointment is that all the reviews associated with those books on Amazon will more than likely disappear too. And there were some great reviews. Especially for Black Mark. Thankfully, they should remain on Goodreads, and I will just need to associate the new publications with new editions.

I will keep you informed as the republishing occurs, and I would be grateful if you resubmit your reviews if you find them missing. Or, if you are a new reader of my work, submit a new review 🙂

2019 is promising to be just as busy as 2018, but I will try to keep on top of my writing and publishing for as long as my psyche and full-time job allow me too. Starting with my appearance and signing at the ARRA ‘A Romantic Rendezvous’ in Sydney in March.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

arra march 2019 ebony olson banner

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