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Writing Spree

On December 31st I had an idea for a new story. Thinking this would be like many ideas over the last year, I wrote the prologue just to keep a note there about it and expected the Muse to move on. But, she didn’t.

Twenty seven days after starting the secret project, I’m starting chapter twenty three. That means in twenty seven days, I’ve written approximately 46k words (I haven’t been keeping count on this project) which is the best writing spree I’ve had in possibly two years.

This has impacted on my schedule for Healing Pain on Radish because I’m terrified if I divert my attention elsewhere the Muse won’t come back to this story for quite some time. So, I’m staying focused, wholly and solely on this story. Apologies to all the Healing Pain fans, I’ll get back there once this is done.

In the meantime, be excited that there is a new story brewing, and already, there seems to be a spin-off bubbling in the background.

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