Radish Rain

This Sunday Rain will start going live on Radish Fiction.

A Dark Past Romance

Rain has spent years trying to recover from the trauma of her youth. She’s pulled her life together, got herself a career, and has even managed to try a relationship. Stuffing down her fight or flight response into a socially acceptable level has been hard work, but she’s done it. Still, she feels too broken to ever find true happiness. Until she meets Jet.
The gorgeous brother of her gay best friend, Jet is polar opposites to his brother, yet both manwhores just the same. When Jet decides to pursue Rain, she’s swept off her feet, but it is not a relationship about which either of their families are happy. The more put together someone looks, the more they have to hide.
It turns out Jet and Rain both have traumas they need to get past. Can two broken souls make a future together?


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