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Therapy of a Future Dark Queen #3

Describe Death to me?

He has pitch-black eyes. Not black like the tone, but more like the empty vastness of space. His hair is shoulder-length and as black as a Raven’s feathers. It’s fine and silky with no volume or style. It just falls and floats. His skin appears olive, but in the right light, it shines golden, like he rolled in gold dust while he was sweating and it soaked into his pores. He doesn’t sparkle or stuff like that, it’s more a metallic sheen to him, but he still feels the same as a human when you touch him. Except hairless. I don’t think he has body hair.

… *therapist closes mouth* I, ah, meant the experience of dying.

Based on the Hierarch Series. Read Succumb on Radish Fiction.

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