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Therapy of a Future Dark Queen #4

Tell me about the first with Sebastian?

That’s private.

It’s important.


It means something to you. You’ve never forgotten it, have you? Was he sweet, gentle, loving? What about the first time together made it impossible for you to truly hate him even after everything that followed?

That’s not how it happened. Our first time was nothing to do with love. It was me doing what I needed to escape him.

He raped you?

Not in the essence of non consent. He used my relationship with Luka and her abilities. He backed me into a corner and the only way I knew to get out of it was by having sex with him, to let him think he’d won.

But he didn’t?


Do you truly believe that?

Sebastian wanted to control me, to make me his puppet and his personal sex slave. I fought him tooth and nail for my free-will. I never gave in.

*sitting back, the therapist stares into her eyes* Look around you. All those bodies were alive before you decided your free-will was more important than your destiny. Now, tell me again, who won?

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