Charachter Therapy, Interviews, Radish Fiction

Therapy of a Future Dark Queen #5

Why won’t you talk about Granger?

*Fingers clench and Adrenalin races heightening all her senses* It hurts.

You loved him?

I loved a version of him. The Granger who flirted, who was loving, who understood what I was going through, who treated me with kindness. *Rubbing at the pain in her chest, she closed her eyes and focused her thoughts.*

What went wrong?

Sebastian. He’s why it always goes wrong. His claim on me like I was a possession. It all started going wrong with Sebastian. Please, can we talk about something else?

How about Luka? She was one of your best friends and a lover.

She was.

Did you love her?

Not romantically. Our intimacy was more exploratory and educational than love. Her power was lust. She used it on me.

Do you think Luka loved you?

You don’t do what she did to someone you love.

Are you referring to her seduction of you for Sebastian? Did you hate her for her part in helping him trap you?

Not at first. Truthfully, I was rather ignorant of how complicit she was in Sebastian’s plans. For a long time, I truly believed she tried to stop him, and she did, but her concern was solely for my life. When it came to the theft of my freewill she was far less concerned. In fact, she hated me for objecting to losing it.

Luka was the first person you were willingly intimate with?

Yes. We met in university.

Do you think the trust she developed with you during those early years were the reason you were blinded to her intentions?

If you’re suggesting I let my guard down around her, than yes. More than likely.

*Sitting forward, the therapist met her jade green eyes* Seraphina, when did you and Luka become intimate?

At University.

No. When at university? Was it before or after she first introduced you to Sebastian?

*Thinking about it, the fire inside her rose to the surface.”

*Watching her eyes turn cobalt blue, the therapist sat back and wrote a note.* We should finish here for today.

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