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2019 Wrap Up

Welcome to the last update for 2019.

This year has been very heavy with editing, releases, and marketing, but towards the end, I managed to get back into some writing as well.

My 2019 publications lists was:

📖 Spectra was rereleased (February)
📖 Black Mark’s Resistance was rereleased (March)
📖 Cassidy was published (March)
📖 Of Shadow and Light was published (May)
📖 Black Mark’s Secret was rereleased (May)
📖 Holmes published (May).
📖 Black Mark’s Heart was rereleased (May)
📖 Black Mark: The Complete Saga published in hardcover (July).
📖 Boundary published (September).

While I intended to have Calypso ready and out by the end of 2019, other factors intruded and it had to be pushed. The good news is that it is now up for Pre-order .

In other news, Black Mark: The Complete Saga is now also available in Paperback. While it’s currently only available on Amazon, it will be distributed more widely in early 2020. Check my Books page for availability.

Now Available for Preorder


In my town there are two kinds of people; those from the sophisticated Eleri, and those from the gang run Riverside.

The natural divide is the Eleri River, the human divide is money.

Publication date: February 14, 2020

Check out the first three chapters for free on Radish now.

You can Pre-order Calypso now on Amazon.

Now Available in Paperback

Black Mark: The Complete Saga

Mora has never known what being wanted or loved felt like. Her only relief? Sex, bleeding and playing the cello. Her gorgeous new boss, Darius, has shown an interest, but getting involved with him goes against Mora’s rules for self-preservation.

Will Darius become another danger in Mora’s life, or is he the absolution she’s been internally wishing for?

Already read it? Please leave it a review. Buy Now

Great Books You Need to Read


Brianna Penderley has a knack for getting into precarious situations, especially when it comes to her love for archaeology. In the heart of Naples, her terrible Italian has her accidentally becoming engaged to two men at the same time. Of course, Daniel Wolcott—the Earl of Thornton and the only man ever able to vex her—shows up to rescue her.

Daniel has spent the majority of his life exercising rigid control over his emotions, determined never to become the rake his father was. But when he goes to aid his mentor’s danger-prone niece once again, he finds himself struggling to control his attraction to a woman who is his complete opposite.

When their situation goes from bad to worse, Daniel and Brianna find themselves swept up into a perilous adventure, and they must work together to set things right. Now, if they can just avoid killing each other in the process.

Available for only $0.99US over the month of January. Don’t miss out on this great deal here.


Werewolves… in space.

In 2096 BCE, Earth became uninhabitable. In 2168, the last survivors of Earth cling to survival on three hastily-built ark ships—NightPiercer, LightBearer, and Ark —waiting for Earth’s climate to recover.

Young werewolf Lachesis of Ark is chosen out of the Creche Pool to produce a child. She expects the usual no-fuss, no-muss artificial breeding using frozen semen from a werewolf she’ll never meet.

Instead, she’s transferred to NightPiercer for things to be done the old-fashioned way. Her new husband makes it clear he doesn’t believe in permission or forgiveness, barely humors the chain of command, and has zero intentions of siring another generation destined to drift in the cold dark.

In the close quarters they share, Rainer’s true nature, and his ultimate plan for both Lachesis and NightPiercer, are impossible to hide. If the rest of NightPiercer finds out, they’ll both be killed.

That is, if they don’t kill each other first.

Fated mates romance meets space opera in a dark, near-future where human and werewolf live at the very edge of survival. Contains sexy times, solar radiation pressure calculations, and algae vats.

Pick up NightPiercer today.

Ebony’s Mischief and Mayhem Peeps

Don’t forget to join my Facebook Group to discuss my books with other fans. You can find it here.

Well, that’s it for 2019. Wishing you a Happy New Year. I’ll see you in 2020.



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