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Silver Rogue Theme Song

When I’m working on a book, I usually have a theme song. It’s the one song that listening to it, instantly takes me back to that world I created and the story. For Silver Rogue, that song is The Ever by Red.

Meeting your soul mate doesn’t mean love at first sight.

Anique has spent the last seven years rebuilding her life after leaving her birth pack. Of all the concerns she had about attending her sister’s wedding, meeting her true mate was not one of them. This is the last thing she wanted, and she’s determined not to let it happen, but the Goddess has other ideas.
Knox is the alpha of the ValleyMorgans. His life is orderly and controlled. Then he receives the Moon’s blessing. Knox thought being mated to a headstrong, pampered, alphas-progeny was going to be hell, but its nothing to finding out the Goddess has chosen a fiercely independent rogue to be his mate. Just when he starts to like her, Anique’s secrets are exposed; ruined by her own pack, rogue, and living a human existence, could this girl be any more wrong for him?
The Goddess mated them, but that doesn’t mean love at first sight, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean smooth sailing and a happy-ever-after.

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