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Therapy of a Future Dark Queen #7

Do you think Sebastian suffered losing you?

Not enough, if he did.

Why do you say that?

Because it didn’t change how he treated me.

I disagree. Even before you were taken from him and your bond smothered, he’d started to change how he moved around you. You told me he was more careful, that he defended you to Granger, that he tried to get Granger to let his jealousy go.

*Heat raced through her veins* He failed.

*Observing her, the therapist paused, then wrote a note* When you came back, you hoped it would change?

I didn’t remember to hope. When I did, yes, I hoped, without…

Granger in the picture?

*Glaring at the therapist* Sebastian was more subtle, but he didn’t change.

Subtle or wary?

The latter probably, which resulted in subtle attempts to maneuver me where he wanted me instead of just forcing me.

But did it hurt Sebastian when Hughes took you?

*Lifting her eyes, she stared out at the therapist* Sebastian knew my fate. He knew the prophecy and he helped tear my soul apart. He deserved to suffer for the part he played in creating me. I hope losing me was just as hard for him as when his precious Eira died. I’d like to think it tormented him endlessly, and I hope it still does.

These blog posts are based on events that occur in the Hierarch Series. Read Succumb now on Radish Fiction.

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