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Booktober: A PNR Charity Anthology

Not long now until the release of the Booktober Anthology full of Halloween steam.

Best of all, I have a short in the Anthology.

If you follow me on Social, you’ll remember me talking about it.

Needing a creative outlet this week, I’ve created a quick trailer and teaser for the Anthology, focusing around my short, The Grave Keeper.

My Aesthetic for The Grave Keeper

Even better news, there will be a continuation to this story next year.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, all monies raised go to Charity.

Now, this trailer is just for fun, so don’t judge me too bad for it. The footage was from Pexels by Cottonbro and Mikhail Nilov, plus a few bibs and bobs I found for free to download.

Booktober Trailer


Are you ready for Halloween?

What better way to celebrate than an anthology brimming with steamy, spooky stories. Welcome to Booktober, where the monsters that go bump in the night might lead to your happily ever after.


Gather round, pretties, for a host of thrilling stories featuring vampires, shifters, demons, and everything in between–all looking for love, lust and a happily ever after.

Dive in, but keep your senses sharp. Things are bound to get wild and steamy on All Hallow’s Eve. Dare you venture into this delicious dark?

Help us celebrate the magic and mystery of the spooky season with a steamy paranormal romance charity anthology.

All proceeds will be donated in support of the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.


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