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Sweet Memories

Came across the original first draft of Henderson today.

I wrote this in -3 degrees by hand while my daughter learned to ice skate.

Every week my friend Kate would turn up asking to read the latest updates.

It wasn’t until I finished Holmes that the Muse connected the Hotel Series to my first ever published book Best Man.

After adding an epilogue to Best Man three years ago, I am now working on the final book in that series (for now) as my #nanowrimo2021 project. Ten years after I wrote the first draft of Best Man.

The second book in Jess’s trilogy, Best Layover, will be out on Amazon on December 22, with the intention that the final book in the series, Best Knight, will be out late March 2022.

Out December 22, 2021

Best Layover

Back in Hawaii, Jess has accepted that returning home to Australia is out of the question. With the help of her best friend, Sean Cassidy, Jess starts setting down roots to make Oahu her permanent home, and supporting her boss while he suffers his own heartbreak.
Not everything was lost leaving Australia this time. The gorgeous pilot Jess fell for is calling her, making Jess hopeful that her sister hasn’t stolen her last chance at happiness. When Ethan comes to visit, Jess’s hopes soar. However, Jess isn’t the only one whose heart is badly scarred by betrayal.
Can Ethan and Jess trust each other to make a long-distance relationship work, or will her friendship, and his reputation break them before they can even start?

NB: The timeline of this story interconnects with Holly’s Trilogy (Book 3: Holmes) in the Hotel Series and may contain some spoilers.

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