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Slow and steady wins the race

With a few of my 2022 priorities out of the way, I’ve now moved onto my 2023 focus list. The first being

Finish Wraith

For the fans of Spectra, I’m sure this comes with a combination of

Yes, finally!


Sure. You’ve been trying to write it for how long?

Five years! For five years I have tried so hard to get this second book out only to hit block after block with it. But this year I’m determined. I think we’ve all waited long enough to see what happens next in Spectra’s world.

So many questions are left unanswered.

So, for those who follow me on Radish, you get to be my beta readers for Wraith. I hope you enjoy. The prologue for Wraith is already live with the first chapter dropping on Friday.

For the rest of you, get a discussion going on my FB Group telling me everything you’re expecting answers to in Wraith. Help inspire the Muse to get this baby finished.

Below is an aesthetic I posted on booktok to help inspire me.

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