Book Release

The Tortise is Almost Across the Finish Line

In case you haven’t been keeping watch on my social media–as neglected as it is– here is the news Spectra fans have been waiting for.

Wraith Preorders are Live!

That’s right, exactly 6 years after Spectra was published.

February 22, 2023, is the go-live date for Wraith.

The cover is in production.

The book isn’t quite finished (only ~10K words to go), but I’m determined to have the long-anticipated sequel to you exactly 6 years from the date that Spectra was initially published. So, I am pushing along with getting it done and already booked my editor for December.

What do you have to look forward to?

  • A wedding.
  • More of Miranda and her Fantôme buddies.
  • Spectra getting some quality time with her husbands.
  • Angelis fighting dirty.
  • Essence being evil
  • Alexander finding out Spectra married someone else.
  • The Angelis who made Spectra showing his face.

Only 4 months to go!

Wraith will be available wide, with links to other distributors to be added closer to the release date.

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