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Mischief & Mayhem Jan 21-27

Oh, my stars! What a week! I worked so many overtime hours to make sure I could walk out the door on Wednesday with no concern for my day job for the next few months. It is now out of my hands, and I’m so glad. Now I just need to unwind and recover from the last two years of hell that has been the workplace.

Writing Mayhem

Null, nada, zip. I hate that I didn’t even manage one chapter this week, but thems the brakes.

Other Mischief

As it’s the last weekend of the month, I’ll be preparing and sending out invoices for the signing events this weekend. That also means your last chance to pre-order for A Romantic Rendezvous on February 12. I’ll remove the ARR option from the form as soon as I’m done.

Wraith is back from the editor ad now with my proofreader.

What did you think of the cover?

Reading Mayhem

I have to admit, I haven’t bee very good at reading lately. Normally, I can get through 1 or more books in a week, but since November, I’ve been lucky to get 50% through a book before I lose interest or get distracted. I can’t tell if it’s my ADHD because I’ve been so stressed with everything in my life or if it’s the books I’m reading. I’m a picky reader. I am the first to admit it. It’s why I started writing. To have stories that I wanted to read.

I actually picked up one of my WIPs I hadn’t touched for a while and started reading it, and I got so caught up in it that when I got to where I’d gotten distracted and put it down and never touched it again, I wanted to punch myself because it wasn’t finished. So, yes. I know how you all feel waiting for me to write the darn sequel to my series.

Plans for this Week

There will be some drama around home this weekend as we prepare for school to go back next week. I’m hoping once that is out of the way to find lots of time to chill, relax, and get some words on the page. We’ll see what happens.

Have a great week!

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