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Mischief & Mayhem Jan 28-Feb 03

I’m going to own it. My first week off work after 2 years of hell, I did SFA. Like, okay, I did some things, but I had a lot on my list to do, and I found myself pushing quite a few items back till next week in favor of sleeping or reading.

Writing Mayhem

I can at least say I got one more chapter written on Cyra. Ad I at least have an idea of what will happen next. The Muse has been showing me many possible scenes, but most of those belong in book 3, not in this one, so while good, not exactly useful.

Other Mischief

I’ve updated the pre-order form for BABE to include the next 2 releases for ordering. The pre-orders for ARR in 2 weeks have closed. If you follow my Instagram or TikTok, you will have seen the beautiful cover for Wraith being printed. The printer also posted a vid of the books with the spine glued and about to be trimmed on their account.

If you missed out on pre-ordering for ARR, you could still order books in advance through my online shop to pick them up at the event. I’ll only have a handful of copies for sale on the day.

Reading Mayhem

Since I’ve been having trouble getting into some of the books on my TBR pile, I decided to go back and visit a series I loved and see if I was having the same problem with them. I’ve early finished the third book this week, so now I’m not sure what to think.

If you haven’t read them, check out the Rock-hard Beautiful series by C.M. Stunich.

Plans for this Week

I don’t expect much from myself, do I?

There are only four rules you need to remember:

  • make the plan,
  • execute the plan,
  • expect the plan to go off the rails,
  • throw away the plan.

Have a great week!

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