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Mischief & Mayhem Feb 25 – Mar 3

This week was a bit up and down. Probably more downs than ups, but that is the rollercoaster of life. I hurt myself, and I was emotionally wrecked on behalf of another, but at the same time, I started to get stuff done.

After a month away from my workplace, I’m finally starting to relax again. My resting heart rate has started to come down this week too. It’s not wonderful, but it was pretty high these last two years, and I’d started to anticipate keeling over from a heart attack as the only way I’d get a break from that hell.

Writing Mayhem

Writing was committed. While I didn’t achieve all my writing goals for the week, my more relaxed schedule has given me some leeway not to feel like I’m totally failing at this writing thing.

I made some decent headway on Cyra last night and things are really starting to move forward there, which is exciting. As for Gelus, the intrigue is just starting to coil itself up ready to drop bombs later on. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Other Mischief

There was some progress made on the ballgowns this week, but for every step forward I make, I feel like there is another thing I need to do or buy, and I seriously just do not have the funds right at the point in time to cope with it. Causing me to get inventive in how I will complete specific projects.

The joy of having hEDS was that I also injured myself this week. It started with something shifting in my hip and pelvis when I sat in the car on Sunday, which turned nasty after an afternoon of pinning and cutting out material for one of the dresses on Wednesday. Cue me laid up in bed most of Thursday and Friday because even sitting up was painful. After a visit to my osteo, I’m fairing better today, but I’ll admit the pain is still there, exhausting me, and I’m avoiding doing certain things just in case I aggravate it.

Reading Mayhem

Still with my head firmly entrenched in fantasy for Escapism, my reads this week were:


I knew once I started reading Dark Fae again, I wouldn’t stop at just book 1.


So, this isn’t me. I don’t usually have 5 different books going at once (and that’s not counting the half-read books on my Kindle), but here’s the situation.

  1. I’ve been working through Evie Mitchell’s novellas for a while now. I pick these books up when I need a quick, lite, and easy read with humor. So, that’s all good. I’ve read her Capricorn cove series and am closing on the end of Thor’s Shipbuilding series. I have half of her backlist pre-ordered for BABE to keep me going the rest of the year.
  2. I am enjoying ACOTAR, but a third of the way into book 3, it’s gotten a bit….je ne sais quoi. Not bad, but it was just too easy for me to get distracted by Ryder from Dark Fae and wander off. Rhysand holds the same qualities as Ryder, which is probably the only reason I’m still reading. Honestly, the entire series has been predictable as hell, but I will finish it. Hopefully.
  3. Argh, Dead Lands. You know, I loved books 1 & 2. I enjoyed book 3 until they ate a bowl of stupid for breakfast. I just can’t… I posted about it on Insta because the stupid made me want to through my kindle across the room and DNF that shite. I honestly struggle to deal with stupid in my day-to-day life; I don’t have the patience for it in my escapism. As a result, I still haven’t found it in me to pick it back up again.

Plans for this Week

Writing, Dressmaking, and prepping Numious for release. Not very exciting, but it’s got to be done.

Have a great week!

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