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Mischief & Mayhem Apr 3 – 16

Right, well, this year is just flashing by, and I don’t like it.

My focus has been on me the last two weeks. With my leave wrapping up soon and my love of writing not even coming close to supporting me and paying the mortgage, I’ll be returning to work. So, I just wanted to do whatever I needed outside of meeting a few deadlines.

I even stumbled on my sewing project while I drafted and reworked the pattern for my second dress a million times, but I think I have it ready to go now.

Writing Mayhem

I’ve been more focused on getting a little done each day than trying to meet hard targets. It almost feels like I’m playing a game of What’s the time, Mr. Wolf? and trying the sneak approach on my writing, rather than just walking up to it and looking it in the eye. But I figure a few paragraphs a day is better than nothing for a week.

My focus this past fortnight has still been Edge Gelus, which only has about 10k to go to finish it (and only 2 weeks to go till I’m meant to have it to my editor). So, it will remain my focus for the next fortnight while I get that over the line.

Still, I made progress on Cyra, and got started on Angelis (Book 3, Angelis Series) and Forsaken (Book 5, Hierarch Series) as well. Dioltas (Book 1, Taibhse Series) only has 2 more chapters to go and then I’ll need to look at when I will be publishing that series. Currently, I’m thinking it will be a 2024 release.

Oh, and Masked, (Book 3, Hierarch Series) is with my editor.

Other Mischief

Really nothing. I’ve been rather boring between pain and wanting to veg out. The most I’ve managed is a day at the spa to relax and get some words written beside their heated magnesium-salt pool. I have a pretty full-on week coming up, so maybe I’ll get a little more done.

Reading Mayhem

Reading is my escapism, so it shouldn’t surprise you I read 3 books in the last week alone.


I read books 1 & 2 back in 2021, but due to this author consistently having killer cliffhangers, I held out on reading book 3 until book 4, the final in the series, was due out. Which was April 14. So, I started reading the series all over again. By the time I finished Book 2 (these are not short reads. The author is quite verbose and writes so much internal dialogue that I start skimming it after a while just to get on with the story), the release date is on Book 4 was changed to April 18. That was only a few days away, so I thought with book 3 being over 300k, I’d keep reading and be ready for when book 4 was released. I was halfway into book 3 when I got an email telling me the release was pushed back to April 25th. *Sigh* (Yes, this author is also known for never meeting the original release date. I’d hate to think of the fines she’s paying to the Zon for having multiple pushbacks.) Anyway, I finished book 3 at 3am this morning, then laid awake for like 2 hours going over that fail scene and putting all the puzzle pieces together of what just happened, who is doing what, what might happen next, and how the hell I would have reacted to that mess.

Seriously, a book hangover is a killer. After a few hours of sleep, I woke up still reviewing that betrayal. I have my suspicions. I’ll let you know if I was right after I finish book 4. (wherever it finally comes out).

And yes, I’m hearing all you Spectra fans pointing to Wraith and muttering 6 years. And II totally get that life gets in the way. But I never put up a pre-order for Wraith and then kept pushing back on the delivery for months at a time, teasing you and lulling you into a false sense of excitement for a release for six years, so let’s just 🤐 Please and thank you 😉😇


So what did come out this week was Book 4 in the Breath of Chaos Series by Merry Ravenell. As you all know, I love Merry’s Scif-fi romances (Can we all say Nightpiercer—love love love that series) and Breath of Chaos is no different. I just have to remember what happened in books 1-3 before starting book 4 because, like the lost daughter of a serial killer series, it’s been a while between releases.

This is why I prefer to wait for a series to be over before reading it. I hate waiting to find out what happens next.

Yes, that’s also why I can empathise with you all reading any of my series. Totally get it. It’s why I try not to leave you on the edge of a cliff at the end of each book.

Plans for this Week

So, as mentioned above, I have a deadline looming. My editor is expecting a manuscript May 1, and I’m still only just past the half-way mark. So my focus is writing, writing, with a side of dressmaking.

Cross your fingers for me.

Have a great week!

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