Black Mark Series

Black Mark Series

Mora has never had an easy life. Physically and mentally abused by her mother, she’s never known what being wanted or loved felt like. Her only relief? Sex, bleeding, and playing the cello. And now, her new boss, Darius, has shown an interest in her character. Will Darius become another danger in Mora’s life, or is he the absolution she’s been internally wishing for?

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“The problem wasn’t that my body lusted for him, or that my heart beat faster in his presence. This wasn’t the sort of man you ended up with, and I was not going to break my heart on Darius Rafal.”

Mora Ellis has drawn the line. No more crossing the professional boundary with her boss, the glorious and powerful Mr. Rafal. But despite her best efforts, she can’t resist his familiar pull, and this time it’s more than just lust, it’s a need to be wanted. Darius has woken something inside of Mora she thought she’d buried long ago. She wants him to love her.

With high walls built around her heart, can Darius convince Mora to risk everything to be with him? Or will the secrets she is keeping from those around her be the undoing of her own happiness?

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With a broken heart and a raging anger towards Darius, Mora goes on tour where she puts all of her pent up emotions into her music, sky rocketing her career. She desperately tries to move on and start her new family without Darius casting his dark shadow on her life.

But keeping Mora and Darius apart is like keeping a moth from a flame, and their distance doesn’t last long before the couple is back to their old wicked ways.

When one of Darius’ fellow Fehu members becomes obsessed with Mora, she feels trapped. A fresh start could be just what she needs – but does she have the strength to leave behind the man who has always held her heart?

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