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I am the first female angelis in existence, and therefore, the most powerful balance walking the earth. I didn’t know I was anything more than human till I was nineteen, and then assumed I was a low ranked nephilim. I wasn’t trained as a child, and while I could syphon naturally without realising what I was doing, learning to shield has been a steep learning curve.

When I was eighteen, my high school boyfriend gave me a date rape drug which I reacted badly to and died. Thankfully, the soul remains with the body for three days. Before I could convert, my best friend, Alexander Williams – sorcerer and now L’Ordre of the Nachtwelt – enlisted the help of another angelis to save me. When he did, Alexander tied part of his soul to mine, binding us in a way that draws us like magnets to be together.

The only way to save me was to bring me back as a wraith. A ghost who can take corporeal form. I am an Angelis, a wraith, an untrained balance, and an orphan.

That’s what I am. It’s not who I am.


Draft Prologue

“It’s this way.” Miranda led the way into the basement of the Essence safe house. Her flame red hair had regained its lustre and her face its flawless complexion after a good feed. “I called you as soon as I got away, so it’s been just over an hour,” Miranda reported. “Bay’s people searched the building after they got Spectra out, but they didn’t take Paul Samus.”

“Bay knows better,” Nika grumbled.

“Bay wasn’t here,” Miranda clarified. “He took off when I came to get her.” Miranda looked over her shoulder at her beautiful sister. Nika’s grass-green eyes were livid. Miranda needed to diffuse the situation or more blood would be spilt before the night ended. “Gina can fill us in with that later. Spectra’s alive, lets just focus on keeping her that way.”

Nika nodded. Miranda explained her cover had been blown by the very situation they’d set up to try and protect Spectra. Getting Spectra employed at Bay’s security company, Pendant and away from the Nachtwelt Security Intelligence Office had been Miranda’s Idea, but Nika signed off on it.

The first clue Nika had to Spectra being anything but human, was when Spectra was eighteen, lying dead in a morgue. Nika stood there looking over the corpse of the person she’d vowed to protect. Suddenly, Spectra started exhaling everything out of her lungs in a cry of pain. Nika, wide eyed, concerned she’d been taken, checked the pulse. Nika’s eyes only grew bigger when her hand passed through Spectra’s skin. The loud pounding of feet stampeding the corridor forced Nika to retreat. Pulling the hood over her head, she passed Alexander William’s in the corridor as he raced to reach Spectra.

As Nika reached the exit, another hooded cloak stood blocking the exit. Nika cursed beneath her breath. She didn’t need to see his face to know who it was. She knew this Angelis by his sweet sugary smell. Caramel, like his skin and hair, and just as yummy to look at. Sadly, his personality was as cold and blue as his eyes.

As Nika came close he shifted to let her pass. “Was she meant to be yours?” The deep timbre of his voice vibrating every erogenous zone in her body. Death should never be this sexy.

“No,” Nika frowned at his query. “I would never do that to her.”

Lincoln Azangelis cocked his head. “Was I too late? Did she convert?”

Nika was tempted to press her hand to her chest, her heart beating harder than it had the day she’d been adopted. “Should she?”

“A balance of her level will always convert three days after death,” Lincoln explained. He turned his face down the corridor. “She will be more now, not less. She will need time to adapt, then I will come and find her.”

Nika moved ramming the Angelis against the wall before his last consonant fell from his lips. “No. Whatever you think you will use her for, the answer is no.”

Lincoln smiled. He blinked and Nika was against the wall, Lincoln pinning her without even touching her. “I do not use. I am not a predator. She is the only female of my kind known to exist. Had I known of her before this, I would have come for her sooner. She belongs with us.”

“She loves Alexander,” Nika gritted, fighting against the invisible restraint.

Lincoln smirked. He lifted his hand and traced the line of her collarbone. Nika bit her lip on the moan her body produced, all of her muscles contracting in all the right places. “The sorcerer has his part in all this.” Lincoln turned his head, peering down the corridor. Nika followed his eyes to see Alexander carrying Spectra up the hospital corridor.

Nika’s eyes locked on the ghostly figure in the sorcerer’s arms. She barely looked like the striking and confident college student shed been a week ago. “What did you do to her?”

“She’ll recover.” Lincoln opened the egress door and stepped out. He held the door while Alexander stepped by her.

“Nika?” Miranda’s voice broke through Nika’s memory.


“This is the room,” Miranda pointed to a door.

Taking a deep breath, Nika stepped into the room and took in the mess. A large bed had been upturned and thrown against the far wall. From beneath the bed, a pair of legs stuck out. “That’s very Wizard of Oz,” Nika observed out loud.

“Ding, dong Paul Samus is dead,” Miranda said dryly. “He was missing his head before the bed landed on him.” Miranda moved to the middle of the room where a large pool of blood was coagulating. “This is where I found her.” Miranda peered around the room. “I’ll see if I can find a mop or towel to soak up most of this blood.” Miranda’s lean body moved gracefully out of the room.

Nika knelt by the puddle of Spectra’s blood. She lowered her face and inhaled. The sweet scent of toffee and the crunch of apple filled Nika’s senses. Sugary just like every other Nephilim she’d met. Nika hadn’t understood that sweetness was a way of identifying celestial descendants until that night in the morgue, but Spectra had always smelled human. It was only now, up close with a large pool of Spectra’s blood, that Nika could smell her species.

Leaning closer, Nika let the tip of her tongue dip into the blood. Lightning and fireworks flashed in her eyes. Pressing away, Nika took her feet, a snarl reverberating in her throat. “They are wed.”

“Who are?” Miranda enquired cautiously. She wheeled a mop and bucket full of bleach into the room.

“Bay and Spectra,” Nika snapped. “I couldn’t think of a worse match. What is he doing putting her life at risk like this? What was she thinking? I warned her what it meant to give her body to a sorcerer, and he’s immortal.”

Miranda hesitated. “He loves her, I saw it in his eyes. Maybe she feels the same.”

“She loves the Angelis.”

“Love can be multifaceted, sister.”

Nika huffed. “Lets clean this up, before the Essence find it and realise Spectra is what they’ve been looking for.” Miranda used the mop to soak up some of the blood, then rinsed it in the bleach. “Here, I’ll do that. You call Gina and organise to meet her tonight.”

“Nika, is everything okay?” Miranda worried.

“No, Miranda. Essence came after Spectra once, and someone killed to protect her. They’ll want to know why, and they’ll come looking for that answer.”

Miranda pouted. “Just when things get interesting, and you take me off her watch. I’ll go call Gina.” Miranda all but stomped out of the room. It made Nika smile slightly. Miranda needed a break from babysitting, but that didn’t mean she would miss out on the fun of hunting anyone who came after Spectra.

Nika looked back at the floor and shook her head. “Too close a call, Spec. Too close by far.”