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Of Shadow and Light

The Angelis Series


One touch of Spectra’s finger leaves the predator Bay craving more.

Spectra is a Balance; a descendant of angels whose soul has been intertwined with that of sorcerer Alexander, although her heart belongs to Mercury, the son of an archangel.

Bay is a predator de Sang and sorcerer, who runs his own private security company, fighting the purist organization Essence. Seeking out Spectra for her special abilities, the last thing he expected to find was a Balance strong enough to withstand his potent energy. With her heart and soul already claimed, could there be room for another in her life?

When Bay’s infatuations bring Spectra to the attention of Essence and put her life at risk, he must learn that sometimes sacrificing the ones you love is the only way to save them.

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The Angelis Series Extras

The Hierarch Series

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Some say the terrors of the past can haunt you, that they will mold you into the person you will become. If that’s the case, Seraphina Gaelach is going to be very dark and twisted. After all, you would expect nothing less from someone tied to the Angel of Death.

Seraphina has been to hell and back, struggling to fit into society and being shunned for the immortality her power could bring. She craves to be loved, but danger is lurking at every turn, and despite her good intentions trouble seems to follow her.

Will she ever be able to find love in a world where unknown species are ever present and dark pasts haunt her? And is she can, will that love be enough to save her from both inner and outer demons?

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Hierarch Series Extras


Three cursed souls. Will they bridge the obstacles between them, or will their love start a war that ends them all?

A witch-born mute, Sassabel Wythe is unwanted and cursed. Just when Sassabel thought she’d finally found happiness, it was taken from her in the worst way. Moving back to her birth town of Raven’s Wing, Sassabel hopes to gain her independence and find her way free of the witch who cursed her.

Ryan Adair was cursed the same night as his parent’s murder. Now the alpha of the Mac Tire, he’s done his best to distance himself from the woman who cursed him into her pack and her harem. From the moment he see’s the new girl on the beach, he was drawn to her like no woman before. He could be dangerous to her, but finding out why she was cursed could destroy them.

Sidell has lived centuries. The moment he meets Sassabel he starts rewinding his age so he can get close to her. The girl is full of secrets, and as he slowly unravels them, he realises there is only one person who can save her, but no one knows who it is. The evil of his past will be the salvation of her future. Her future will be his destruction.

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Nothing takes more inner strength than learning how to trust someone with your heart.

Vera Cana has spent her life being abused. She’s earned her freedom and has the scars to prove it. Now, she’s starting a new life. Purchasing a cottage in a lush forest, she’s ready to live out her days in peace. Fate has other plans.
If Vera thought hiding out in her little cottage she could avoid any more packs and their alphas, she was wrong. Vera is about to learn a lot about the way packs work, and she’s going to learn even more about how strong she can be.
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She will be the one to take his coldness,

She will unveil the Unseelie darkness and show them light.

She will unite what should never have broken.

The daughter of the moon will teach him love and the radiance of the sun.

Her inner light will purify the tainted ones,

And she will guide the fey by wisp-light.

‘Prophecy of the Dark Prince’

Messina Doe was just looking for a warm place to spend the night. What she discovers is a place the human race had long ago buried and forgotten.

The dark Fey haven’t forgotten humans. The throne room of the Unseelie court is the hottest underground nightclub around, but if you step through the wrong door, there is no going back.

No one ever escapes. Never.

Once, someone did.

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