Hotel Series

Hotel Series

Holly’s Story

Holly Claire has been a faithful a committed employee. She’s given herself to the job a hundred percent. Literally, body and heart. Her secret love affair with her sexy as hell boss, Benjamin Henderson, Hotel magnate, has never granted her any special privilege before, but she never expected it to be a handicap to her receiving promotion either. Henderson is the first book in the Hotel Series, a three part novella series following Holly from heartbreak to love.

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There is no better remedy for a broken heart than a holiday with your sisters.

Holly Claire arrives in Hawaii determined to forget Benjamin Henderson. Fate wants her to forget him too. In her first six hours, Holly runs into the same delicious man no less than three times. When she literally runs into him, Sean Cassidy becomes determined to make it more. 

What harm could a holiday fling do?

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It’s been six months since Holly broke her heart in paradise, but she didn’t let the experience go to waste. 
She’s moved to be close to the beach, and racked up some weekend frequent flyer points getting out to new experiences. She’s not living to work anymore, but working to live. That dream job, it’s exactly that. Holly’s never had a better boss than Roger Holmes. 

But men. No, no men. Holly can’t bear the thought of going through another heartbreak, and with Holmes City Resort hosting the International Conference for Hoteliers in a week, Holly definitely doesn’t have time for a man. Yet, two men are standing there, demanding she choose one of them. 

Can Holly forgive the man who betrayed her and is now ready to try a real relationship? Or will promises kept win her heart back again?

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Jess’s Story

Ten years ago Jess was the happiest she’d ever been. On the cusp of marrying her high school sweetheart Jess’s life was heading exactly where she wanted it to. Then in less than twenty-four hours Jess’s happiness was shattered by her twin Sharnie. With everything lost, running away was Jess’s only way to cope. After a decade living abroad it’s Sharnie’s turn to get married and their mother is pushing hard for her daughters to make amends. Jess wants to let the past go and when she meets Ethan, the best man, she starts to think coming home may just be possible. But there are some hurts you can never forgive and Sharnie has one last wound to inflict.

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