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Read Protective Instinct for only $1

Want to read Protective Instinct for on $1?Then visit your local library and ask them to order it in for you. It's also great for #karmapoints as you'll be gifting this amazing read to all other library goers who find it on the shelf, and supporting your local #library and this insanely wonderful author simultaneously.… Continue reading Read Protective Instinct for only $1

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Halos is Out Today

Halos is out today. It's a paranormal romance suspense with some lovely twists and turns. The price of peace is her life. Katiana, princess of the Pâlir has committed treason. She fell in love with, and married the King the Halos. The violent and bloodthirsty enemy of the Pâlir. For centuries the Halos have hunted… Continue reading Halos is Out Today