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2019 Writing / Publishing Goals so far.

Let's look at the progress so far. 2019 Second-Quarter update Publish to print -  Cassidy ✅ Of Shadow and Light ✅ Holmes ✅ Calypso (formerly Sin’s Child) 🔛 Boundary 📍 Finish writing first draft of Indigo Shores 🔛 Finish Healing Pain on Radish 💤 Finish writing first draft of Wraith 💤 Publish to Radish: Black Mark's… Continue reading 2019 Writing / Publishing Goals so far.

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GP: Interview with author Ebony Olson

The lovely Ari Meghlen interviewed me. Go check it out! GP: Interview with author Ebony Olson — Read on

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Epilogues are the worst!

Every writer has an area of writing that they find hard. Mine used to be action scenes. When I first wrote Succumb, Numinous, and Masked, I skirted around the action scenes, finishing every other chapter first, then returned later to drag myself through the fight scenes. At some point, fight scenes became my thing. I… Continue reading Epilogues are the worst!