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This Week’s Mischief

One of the things that I’m highly aware of is that unless I have a new release, I’m fairly invisible. I don’t post regularly on social media or send out regular newsletters (though I am planning to at least try for every other month with that), and I’m not out there attending every signing opportunity there is (I wish I could attend more because I love meeting my readers). So this year, I’ve decided to try and be a little more visible. That includes regular blog updates to let you know what’s happening.

Writing Mayhem

It’s been a two-spoon-a-day sort of week. If you know about spoon theory, you’ll get the reference. If you don’t, here’s a quick reference image: Spoon Theory

But despite this, I’ve still managed to edit and upload the next episodes for Dioltas on Radish and finish writing the next chapter in Cyra.

I struggled with the latest chapter of Cyra because I was torn about how Zira should react. At first, I wanted her to rage at Luther, but a part of me went; actually, she’s grieving and in pain. Would she really have the energy to take Luther on right now?

I have literally, for the last three weeks, written a sentence every few days on this chapter, so I’m happy to have finally managed to finish it.

My next priority writing project is the sequel to Orey Witches, Book 2 Edge Gelus. I’m hoping to have that all finished by the end of February so that I can have it out for readers in April. Let’s just hope the Muse cooperates.

Other Mischief

Wraith, the sequel to Spectra is now with the editor, and I have seen the cover. I released a sneak peak on social this week, but if you missed it…

The cover reveal will start in a few weeks with my newsletter subscribers ggettinng to see it a a few days before I reveal it on Social Media. The preorder is currently on Amazon, and should be available wide by the end of the month, ready for the February 22 release.

The other item I’m currently editing is Masked, Book 3 of the Hierarch Series. Book 2 Numinous–which is even darker than book 1 Succumb–releases on March 22 and the preorders are already live.

Reading Mayhem

I’ve been struggling to commit to books the last few months. A combination of stress and exhaustion, but hoping to get back to finish the handful I started. I’ve found that reading novellas has been more beneficial of late, as I’m only setting aside a few hours. I’ve also been after light comedy romances.

For this reason I’ve been working my way through Evie Mitchells Capricorn Cove and Thors Shipbuilding Omnibus’. Fun, light, short, and body positive. A great way to escape from reality after work.

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