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Mischief & Mayhem Feb 11-17

Shit, it’s been a week. We had a tragic accident happen in our local community which hit very close to home, and I’m not going to deny that I was shaken up by it. The shock waves are still happening and will continue to impact for a while yet. As you can imagine, I haven’t much been in the frame of mind to write as a result, and I’m not sure I have the focus to, so I’ve been reading instead.

Writing Mayhem

Before things blew up this week, I did manage to get some writing and editing done. Cyra, Gelus, and Half-Life all got words added. Not necessarily a lot of them, but some are better than none.

In Cyra, we got a bit of Chas’s backstory and see where his heart lies before Zira pulled out her ribbons and got her kickass on again.

In Gelus, Sash is trying to learn how to unfurl her wings.

And in Half-life, Menace squad are getting ready for their next mission outside the wall.

Other Mischief

A Romantic Rendezvous was on last Sunday. It was great to catch up with readers and talk with other authors. I don’t socialize very often, so always good to have the motivation to do it with like-minded individuals.

With the release of Wraith only a week away, I’ve been busy putting together Teasers for it. You’ll find them on my social media accounts every other day.

Spectra is on Sale for the month of February $2.99 (Usually $5.99)

Wraith pre-orders are only $3.99 (Return to full price of $5.99 after the release)

Reading Mayhem

I decided to get back to fantasy for a while and so finally started the ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass. I read books 1 & 2 over the weekend.

Then needing something that made me laugh mid-week, I went to my go-to Nuts by Alice Clayton followed by Famous in a Small Town by Kylie Scott.

Plans for this Week

As previously stated, there’s been a lot of interruption to my schedule as well as the Muse just not participating, but I’m trying.

I missed my update last week, so included the last two weeks and next week.

This weekend I need to make a start on the ballgowns for BABE. Is anyone else making theirs?

Have a great week!

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