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Mischief & Mayhem Apr 16-May 14

Well, I’ve fallen well behind on my updates. Sorry about that. I’ve been MIA on all social platforms the last month because there is so much behind the scenes that I haven’t had the mental capacity to attempt being social.

I’m back at work full-time, organizing swag and books for BABE, which is only 3 weeks away, dressmaking, and all that fun has kept me pretty busy. And on top of it all, I’ve just spent the last week sick with what could have been COVID or a head cold (I don’t trust the RAT tests after I had PCR’s last year telling me I was positive while the RAT was still saying negative).

But, with all of that happening, I am making progress where it counts.

Writing Mayhem

For some reason, being sick really inspires the Muse. So this last week has seen a surge in my writing. It helps that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for one of my works, and I’m keen to type my favorite words in any of my books. THE END.

Cyra has gone over the target word goal, and I literally have 1.5 chapters left to write. Most of this past week of writing has been focused on getting to those sweet words—or in this case, it will be ‘to be continued’ as the Chaos Star Series is a Trilogy. The first book in the Series, Praldia, will be published wide in July (if I can get the covers sorted by then). It’s a Sci-Fi romance with my typical kickass FMC.

The sequel to Orey is making a bit slower progress, but there has been wordery committed there too. Just not as much as I had hoped.

Other Mischief

Masked (Book 3: Hierarch Series) has come back from the editor, it’s been formatted for publishing, and I’m happy to say it looks like I’ll have print copies for BABE. Because of the postponement of Gelus, I’m pulling Masked forward to be my May release. It will go live on May 25th and is currently available for preorder.

Dressmaking has been an ups and downs. The third dress I was working on took much longer than expected, and when I finished it, I hated it. The material didn’t drape how I hoped, and the way it sat on me just was blah! So, I scraped it and will be starting from scratch again.

Reading Mayhem

On the upside, lots of reading has been happening this last month, with a few sequels being released, making me go back and reread the entire series again to remind me what happened. I also went back to the Alchemists. I originally read Bloodlines years ago and had books 2 & 3 also on my shelf, but I decided to wait until the series finished to read the rest. Then forgot about them. So, I reread Bloodlines and got on with it again.


In case you were wondering, you’re actually looking at some of my fav PNR authors in this lineup. I own nearly every Rachel Vincent book in print. I would do the same with Merry Ravenell, but my fav books aren’t even available in paperback, and I own the entire Vampire Academy and Alchemist series by Richelle Mead too because I have read them multiple times. )Well, not the Alchemist. Not yet.)


Yes, I will eventually go back and finish ACOTAR and Kiss the Stars, but right now, it’s about finishing off the Alchemist series, then, I’ll also read the last book in the Oracle series.

Plans for this Week

FINISH CYRA. That is my number one priority. I’m so close, so I need to get that done. After that, my next focus is dress 3 for BABE.

Cross your fingers for me.

Have a great week!

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