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Therapy of a Future Dark Queen #8

Did you ever discuss the prophecy with Sebastian?

Yes. A few times.

So, you have no doubt you both interpret it the same way?

Yes. It’s why I know he’s to blame. He knew what would become of me.

What might become of you.

You know what I did. How can you say might. There is blood on my hands, lives snuffed out, and I didn’t shed a single tear for them. Not one.

Really? For every single life you have taken?

*Swallowing hard, she refuses to meet the therapists eyes.* Maybe for one of them. Is it strange that the one person who deserved my darkness to destroy them, was the one I mourned? No other invited my vengeance like he did, and yet, I cried for him.

Maybe it wasn’t about him, but what it did to you? *Contemplative silence* What about those at Conclave? Did they not invite your darkness to swallow them when they tortured you?

*Scowling* Conclave isn’t on the same level. Jefferies had already harvested what little good remained of my soul and hidden it away.

So, you were Deadly Pleasure not Seraphina when you were in Conclave? *When she fails to answer, the therapist writes a note.* Did Jefferies return Seraphina’s soul when you escaped?

He died doing so.

*Frowning, the therapist flicked back through her notes.* Then how was he at the engagement massacre?

Please don’t call it that. It’s not like I walked through the place with a machete and chopped everyone to pieces, or grabbed an automatic machine gun and mowed them down.

*Lifting an eyebrow, the therapist considered her.* What would you call what happened?

A party. I tried to persuade Sebastian to undo our bond, but it was Malise’s betrayal which caused the darkness to take over. The rest were collateral damage.

I don’t think I like the innocent party goers being referred to as collateral damage.

Like it or not, it’s what they are. I didn’t go there with the intention of hurting anyone. I didn’t even want to go; Malise insisted. I only wanted my freedom. Sebastian knew the prophecy, he knew the darkness was leaking and that I’d tried so hard to bury it. He kept hurting, kept pushing me. Even Malise knew and he betrayed me. They caused this. Not me.

Yet, you’d planned your escape, practiced it, secured an ally who could help you.

That was not planned. It was previously agreed that if the opportunity ever presented itself, we would take it. What other time was I likely to get those two helpless and weak and none of their clan there to protect them?

So, Deadly Pleasure is an opportunist?

*Side of her mouth lifting, she looked at the therapist with her cobalt colored eyes* That’s all life is. A series of missed or taken opportunities.

These blog posts are based on events that occur in the Hierarch Series. Read Succumb now on Radish Fiction.

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